Monday, August 4, 2014

AEM 6 - Asset Improvement Capabilities

Dynamic video
  • Preview and annotate videos (Notes at certain parts of videos)
  • Set video profiles for auto-encoding
  • Insight into viewer drop-off reporting to improve video content
  • Smart, responsive video players that automatically resize based on page break points
  • Video deliver in the cloud. Device optimized streaming on demand
  • Video Publishing. Easily add videos to web properties using sites components, URL or embed code
  • Social Video: Grow reach by publishing to YouTube and Social Sharing (Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, etc…)
Dynamic media
  • Sizes, Formats, resolutions without knowing the device or browser. Creates multiple renditions based on one asset.
  • Dynamic Image Rendition 
    • Swap out colors dynamically
    • Create media sets for 360 degree views. Think of looking at a car from all angles.
Metadata, search, workflow, and share
  • Bulk Metadata Operations
  • Smart Collections - Think saved searches that update automatically
  • Easy Metadata Schema definitions with ability to set fields as required / visible
  • Search paths, mime types, last modified, file size, orientation, style, video height, video width, publish status, approval status. Much easier to add custom tags.
  • Saved Searches and share with other teams
Task and Workflow Management
  • Photoshoot-to-site workflow
  • PIM Integration (Product Information Management)
  • Organize Teams
  • Track tasks and Deadlines
  • Pre-configured workflows
  • Review and Approval
  • Dashboards and team assignments
Admin & Security
  • Reports
    • Added
    • Downloaded
    • Modified
    • Expired License
    • Published 
    • Custom
Creative Cloud integration

Significant Engine Improvements

  • TarPM and MongoDB as preferred repositories
  • Reads and Writes Improvements
  • Many Performance improvements

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