Friday, July 15, 2016

What are you using for Kanban Columns?

Selecting the names of Kanban columns can be a challenge and your team should be aware of what each column means and what is expected out of them. Here's what we're using for a mid-size project (4-5 devs):

  • To Do – Current TODO for the Sprint
  • Selected For Development – Developer will read the Acceptance Criteria, ASK questions that pertain to user story development, architecture, and overall approach. A personal TODO list is often a best practice at this stage.
  • Blocked - There are dependencies that need to be resolved. Dependencies WILL be defined in the ticket. Once the dependencies are cleared, then the ticket can be worked.
  • In Progress – Actively being worked.
  • Peer Review – All code needs to be peer reviewed to ensure it works correctly. The best person to call out another developer is a developer. Does it work? Was everything checked in? In GitHub, we use Pull Requests to accomplish this task.
  • QA – Tester will test for normal flow and alternate cases that include browser compatibility, regression, and other aspects.
  • Pending Customer Acceptance – Did we build it right? Does it makes sense?
  • Done – Items in this column will be demoed every other Friday. Statuses that could be “done” include Done and OBE (Overcome by Events).

Please share what you use and help other customers understand what others use in the industry.

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